There is no more than frustrating and shaking when you wake up in the middle of the night and your house started on fire. Yes, there are many reasons how fire started but could you believe that an overheated dryer vent can burn your house down? Yes, it is but this scenario can be avoided or prevented when you’re a dryer vent responsible owner.

As you go over washing clothes, some debris and lint will build up in the vent duct which then reduce the air flow and eventually creating fire. According to cleaning experts like Carpet Cleaning Irvine, we can all prevent this problem to happen. You just need to have a regular dryer vent cleaning to reduce the risk or overheating.  People might not take this seriously as they are thinking that they need to pay cleaning services or might cost them a lot. But improving your dryer efficiency is similar to saving a fortune considering that you will not buy a new dryer after a year and keeping you and your family safe from fire. So, how do you know if need to call Carpet Cleaning Irvine? Check out the warning signs below that you must consider.

Burning Smell

One main obvious warning is when you notice a burning smell. Do not hesitate to hire an expert technician when you smell a burning odor. The lint is flammable and it will get too hot and eventually gets on fire.

Drying of Clothes Takes Longer

When you notices that drying of clothes takes longer than the usual then you should be alarmed. This is an indication that the vent is block by link and the dryer will run longer and will damage the machine.

There are some facts that let the dryer vent to overheat but these two (mentioned above) are the common factor. Do not wait the worse, call Dr. Carpet cleaners to check your dryer vent.

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