A Chippewa Valley Exclusive Dedicated To Hometown Service And Community Values
Humble Beginings:
  Our company was formed in 1954 when Bob Smith took a risk and quit his job with the railroad and moved his family from Superior to Eau Claire and started his own business.
   At the time, the window cleaning concept was new for Eau Claire. It took 5 years of struggling to get the business off the ground. But, the gamble paid off as word of mouth began to build the business. 
  Back then the bulk of our business was department stores and super-markets, and of course the 160 phone booths through-out the Cippewa Valley. Today it includes a large amount of residential work in addition to the commercial jobs. We've evolved over the years into being able to handle nearly every type of project that comes along. 
  A lot has changed in the Chippewa
Valley over the past half-century. Our dedication to quality service at a fair price and our drive for customer satisfaction, however... is not one of them. It's our belief, some things should never change. 
  At Bob Smith Window Cleaning we are all window cleaners, with the exception of our office manager. We have many years of expierience in our trade to assure you the peace of mind we think should come standard with hiring any professional service company. Our goal is to take care of all your window cleaning needs with as little disruption to your day as possible.
  There are never any contracts to sign with us. We believe the quality of our work should be what keeps us coming back. Not a contract.
  We invite you to give us a chance to earn your repeat business. Check our reputation for quality service. Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
  Thank you for the many years of support! We look forward to many more!
Bob Smith Window Cleaning is fully insured