A Chippewa Valley Exclusive Dedicated To Hometown Service And Community Values
Bob Smith Window Cleaning has the best prices of any of our major competitors GUARANTEED!*
Our idea of fair pricing:
Our rates are based on what it costs to do the job. NOT how much we think we can make.
We DO NOT use the the "industry standard" approach of a first time low price, only to jump your
  rate once you're a returning customer.
THE PRICE WE QUOTE IS THE PRICE YOU PAY. Adhering to this is occasionally a loss for us,
  but building customer trust is a priority and crucial to successful relationships.
- We do not offer discounts. If someone has the room to offer you a discount, they're charging you
  too much to begin with. 
- All of us at Bob Smith Window Cleaning are here to earn a living and maintain long-term
  job security. Not to "fortune hunt" at the expense of our morals or sense of community values.    

Quote details:
  We want to make sure you recieve an accurate quote so it follows our "fair price policies." Also, this
  will ensure that we have a good assessment of the time needed to be sure the job is completed
  properly and to your satisfaction. Therefore, we do not give blind quotes over the phone or
  through email. No two jobs are alike. There are many variables that come into play. Our pricing 
  is based on number of panes and the circumstances that will determine how long the job will take.
  Pricing is not based on square footage of the building. Quotes are free and you don't need to
  be home or present for us to accurately determine a fair price. To get your free quote, please call
  today or fill out the Quote Request Form on the right. We look forward to hearing from you!

* A major competitor is a company with 3 or more employees that follows all gov't regulations and has similar operating expenses.
You price compare gasoline, utilities, groceries, etc. In today's tough economy, we all need to save money anywhere we can. When was the last time you price compared your window cleaning? You might be very surprised at the money you can save by calling Bob Smith.
Address And Job Detail:
Bob Smith Window Cleaning is fully insured